Things to Know About Dating Violence

Things to Know

  • One in ten teenagers will experience some form of physical abuse in their dating relationships.
  • Jealousy and possessiveness are not a sign of love, they are tools used by a partner to take control.
  • 85% of all people who are the victims in an abusive relationship are women.
  • Drugs and alcohol are not the main cause of women being abused in relationships. While drugs and alcohol do play a part in abuse they are an excuse not a reason for the abuse.
  • It is not the victim’s fault that he/she are being abused. The abusive partner may try to make the victim responsible for the abuse.
  • People stay in abusive relationships for many reasons, however they don’t stay because it really isn’t that bad. Any abuse is bad abuse. There is no such thing as good abuse or justifiable abuse.
  • Batterers (people who abuse others) are not the scary bums or crazy people we sometimes imagine they are. They are everyday people without any real outward signs that might tip us off to their behaviors. They are rich, poor, educated, drop outs, professional, unemployed, people of all races. They live in the city or the country, they look just like you and me.