Early Warning Signs for Parents

Is your child involved with someone who:

  • Is overly possessive and demonstrating a real need to control
  • Is jealous to the extreme point where it becomes an obsession
  • Is into controlling your child’s everyday events
  • Is prone to violent outbursts
  • Is a person who has a history of poor relationships
  • Is infringing upon your child’s freedom to make choices for himself/herself
  • Is limiting the time your child spends with other people
  • Is using external pressure to influence decision making
  • Is into passing blame and denying their own mistakes
  • Is in the habit of using put downs or playing mind games
  • Is not a person who can be disagreed with easily
  • Is encouraging your child to keep secrets
  • Is causing your child to become more withdrawn

If you see any of these warning signs in your teenager’s dating relationship, we encourage you to seek professional assistance. Please Contact Us for referral information.